All Georgians have a Will or Estate Plan that determines who will inherit their wealth, assets, and all belongings after they die. If you haven’t made your own Estate Plan, then the State of Georgia has a ready made one for you. So long as you and the State are in agreement about who gets what and when, then you have no need to worry. But do you know what the State’s plan is? And what do you do if you don’t happen to like what the State will do with your assets after your gone?

That’s where I can help. Since earning my law degree from Emory, my practice has focused on helping Georgians make sure that when they die, their loved ones are taken care of the way they want – not the way the State wants.

Whether you need a simple will, or you have complex issues such as those facing Foreign Nationals living here in Georgia, whether you’re Single, part of a Family, or an Unmarried Couple, I can help you design and implement a plan that makes sure your wealth, assets and other belongings are distributed the way you desire – not the way someone else does.

Take a look around my new website. Information will continually be added and updated as the law constantly changes. Be sure to check out my Estate Planning Mistakes of the Rich and Famous where the likes of James Brown, Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Anna Nicole Smith will teach you why getting your Will drafted by a professional is so important. And please feel free to e-mail or call me at 770-795-4992.

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