Unmarried Couples

Unmarried Couples do not have the same protections afforded married couples in life and death. Two common scenarios create the most serious vulnerability.

The first is incapacity. Without a Advance Directive and a Financial Power of Attorney, in all likelihood, the parents of the incapacitated person will get to make all the decisions. The financial decisions can be particularly problematic if the couple depend on each other’s income to meet joint liabilities like a mortgage.

The second is death. Without a will, the State will award the property of the deceased to any of his or her children. If there are no children, the property will go to the parents of the deceased. This can create a very uncomfortable situation where the survivor must go through all the belongings in the house to prove what they own and argue over items the couple purchased jointly.

Don’t let these potential hazards cause unnecessary problems for your partner. If you and your significant other are an Unmarried Couple in Georgia, e-mail or call me at 770-795-4992. Let’s discuss your plans, goals and concerns.